Repairing the chassis

Posted 15 January 2020 by Vegard

After having imported our Unimog from Germany started the hugh task of getting in the truck back into shape. The truck came with a Atlas crane, which was restored, removed and sold for a decent amount. Taking this into acount we consider the purchase a real bargain.

After removing the crane and the old support frame, it was time to maintain and repair some faults on the chassis.

The complete renovation stage of the chassis took roughly one year to complete. Below is a list of the various tasks we performed (not in the actual order)

  • Sandblasting and repainting of the complete chassis and axles (zink primer + 2-component epoxy paint, RAL7021)
  • Repairing corrosion and repainting of the complete modified cabin in “Pastel Blue” (RAL5024)
  • Welding reinforcements to the stabilizing rods for the rear axle which were weakened by corrosion
  • Replaced rusted-out 160 L steel fuel tank with 270L aluminum tank
  • Replaced broken coil spring on rear axle
  • Overhauled all six(!) brake calipers with new pistons and seals
  • 4 x new brake discs
  • Replaced various corroded steel brake lines with copper lines
  • Replaced faulty manual diesel feed pump
  • Complete overhaul of front axle including all bearings and seals
  • Re-routed exhaust system to original position (above roof, drivers side)
  • Replaced front windshield and sealing list
  • Replaced sealing list on side windows
  • Replaced old headlights with worn out reflectors with modern LED headlights
  • Replaced cracked signal lights on front fenders with new ones
  • Replaced all belts and warious cracked hoses in the engine compartment.
  • Replaced air valve for operating of 4×4 and diff-locks.
  • Extended the roof by approx. 50 cm (the old roof was damaged and had to be heavily repaired anyway)
  • Removed and blinded 2 x windows in the rear wall and installed “walk-through” opening for easy access to the camper unit
  • Added “snorkels” on each side (one for the engine, the other one for the air heater)
  • Removed air lines and valves for towing of big trailers
  • Replaced all oils and fluids
  • Replaced all filters

Modifications to the drivers cabin:

Repainting of the modified drivers cabin:

The finished result after restoration, modification and repainting of the complete chassis: