How it all started

Posted 3 January 2020 by Ida

In May 2015 we bougth the Unimog truck in Germany and imported it to Norway. At that time we didn’t have any specific plans about where or when we wanted to travel, but we dreamed about making a big overland journey, and therefore started building the truck into an overland camper.

We had, up until then travelled a bit through Europe in our old Mercedes G-Class at first staying in hostels and cheap hotels, and later we got ourselves a roof top tent. As our travel experience grew, we started dreaming about travelling to more remote destinations. For some time we thought about building our G-Class into a camper, but we quickly realized that this would give us quite limited space, and we were determined that we wanted both a kitchen, sleeping area, dining area and a bathroom, and that’s how we came up with the idea of building a camper truck.