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Loose bolts in Poland and friendly helpers

Posted 6 April 2020 by Vegard

Halfway into our journey through Poland, close to Opole, we suddenly felt a strange vibration in the truck. At first we couldn’t understand what it was, as it was only appearing if we drove above 50 km/h, and only when cornering. But after a stop along the highway we could see what was going on… […]

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Unimog on top of a hill

The start of an adventure

Posted 23 March 2020 by Vegard

Header photo by Christopher Jaworski from Adventure Van The 8th of March was going to be the start of our adventure. After almost five years of converting the Unimog into a “go everywhere” camper, and two years of planning the actual trip, we were finally ready for the adventure of our lifetime. We had gotten […]

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Building the camper box

Posted 28 January 2020 by Vegard

After some research we decided to make our camper box out of GRP sandwich panels. We searched the Internet and found that the ideal and most common thickness for such panels is between 50-70 millimeters. Most sandwich panels are made up by a relatively thin layer of fiber glass on both sides, with a closed-cell […]

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sketch of the interior

Designing the interior layout

Posted 26 January 2020 by Ida

Designing the interior layout was a true puzzle. Trying to squeeze in as much as possible into such a tiny space was a frustrating task. With only 8.5 squaremeters available and with our ambitious list of functions we wanted to fit, it seemed almost impossible at first. As it was diffucult to get a real […]

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